March 09 - 11, 2016
Hilton Rockwall, Rockwall, Texas

Sudhakar Maruvada

President & CMO

Sudhakar is the Co-founder, President & CMO of nuVizz Inc, leading Marketing and Consulting Services teams. Over the last decade, Sudhakar helped streamline supply chain processes and provided strategic and tactical direction for over 100 customers across the globe. Sudhakar has over 20 years of experience in building and growing organizations, primarily focused on Marketing, Sales and Professional Consulting Services. Sudhakar received his Master’s in Statistics from Andhra University, India

18:05 Are You Enabling Your Crowd? - A discussion on how enterprises can adapt and benefit from the Enterprise Crowd Mobile Delivery Model

The future of delivery and labor lies in the hands of the businesses who can quickly respond to ever-changing environments and seasonal demand while keeping costs and infrastructure manageable. The answer for this formidable challenge depends upon how quickly you can tap into your crowd.
• What does crowd enablement mean for enterprise delivery and workforce management?
• How will each part of your business - shippers, carriers, drivers - evolve?
• Leveraging crowd-sourced mobile delivery and transportation solutions puts you ahead of the curve
• Success will go hand-in-hand with how agile and dynamic your business is

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